Calculated Fields Form

An easy and powerful form builder, perfect for novice developers and experts alike.

Main Features

  • Includes a form builder for adding/editing different field types, including one or more automatically calculated fields based on data entered in other fields.
  • The submitted information can be sent by email to one or more email addresses and an auto-reply to the user who filled the form.
  • The form can be prefilled from external data-sources
  • It is possible to connect the form to a PayPal payment, either for one-time payments or for recurrent/subscription payments.
  • Includes multiple add-ons for connecting to other services or WordPress plugins.
  • Includes many predefined layouts.

Calculated Fields Form can be used for:

Calculated form, example: general calculators, ideal weight calculators, calorie calculators, calculate quotes for hotel bookings, calculate quotes for appointments and services, loan & finance calculators, date calculators like pregnancy calculators, etc...

Integrate with WooCommerce to dynamically calculate the price of products and use the WooCommerce cart

Contact form: Can be used like any other contact form where you can define the fields that will appear in the form, including text fields, checkboxes, drop-down, uploads, etc...

CFF - Version Distribution.

Higher versions retain all the features of lower versions

WordPress Plugin
Visual Form Builder
Basic Form Fields
Calculated Fields
Basic Mathematical and Logical Operations
Multi-page Forms
Conditional Rules and Field Validation
Predefined Templates
Access to All Documentation Published in the Website

49.99 EUR
Form Processing
Email Delivery
File Uploads
PayPal Integration
Coupon/Discount Codes
Export/Import Forms
Messages Section with CSV Export
Widget Included
Built-in Captcha
60 Days' Technical Support

149.99 EUR
All Features in Previous Versions
Multiple Add Ons:
All Add Ons in the Developer version,
Google Analytics,
Upload Files and Media Integration,
Google Places,
PayPal Pro,
Many other payment gateways
and +
60 Days' Technical Support

After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

A one-time payment allows you to download the paid version and entitles you to unlimited use of the plugin on your website.

Extend form behavior with Add-ons

Distributed with the Developer and Platinum versions of the plugin.
WooCommerce add-on
Google Analytics add-on
WebHook add-on
Signature add-on
reCaptcha add-on
SalesForce add-on
PayPal Pro add-on
Users Permissions add-on
Upload Files add-on
Google Places add-on
IP2Location add-on
MailChimp add-on
Mollie (iDeal) add-on
RedSys add-on

Start creating your first form!

Public Website for Demo Test form builder in administration section

External Services*

External services are only available in the Developer and Platinum Versions of the plugin and some through Zapier and Microsoft Flow.