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Complementary Blocks

The CP Block plugin includes many blocks of code: html, css and js to as complement of plugins like the Calculated Fields Form, the Contact Form 7, and for using directly in pages and posts.

Is the "Calculated Fields Form" plugin the Swiss Knife to implement every web form? The answer is, ABSOLUTELY.

But, does this plugin include the tools to implement every project in the easiest way possible? Evidently not.

For this reason we have implemented the CP Blocks plugin. The CP Blocks plugin includes complementary blocks to be used not only with the "Calculated Fields Form" plugin, it includes blocks compatible with "Contact Form 7" plugin, even blocks to be used directly into the Pages and Posts of website.

The list of blocks is broad, it includes buttons, charts, integration with payment gateways and exchange rate services, blocks to protect the website's entries, blocks to identify the use of ads blockers and much more.

Installing and using the CP Blocks plugin is really simple. The plugin can be installed directly from the WordPress directory, just like any other plugin and after be activated the corresponding integration buttons will be available from every plugin or area where the blocks can be inserted:

In the "Calculated Fields Form" plugin:

Calculated Fields Form integration control

In the "Contact Form 7" plugin:

Contact Form 7 integration control

In the "Posts and Pages":

Post and Pages integration control

Flexible Pricing Model

There are many blocks for free where isn't required any license and there are other blocks that require a valid license (you can pay monthly or annually with an interesting discount). However - and this is very important - the blocks inserted in your website will CONTINUE WORKING EVEN IF THE LICENSE HAS EXPIRED.