Calculated Fields Form Blog

Tips and cases of use for a successful WordPress website with calculated forms.

Implementing a posts filter using the Calculated Fields Form plugin

The adaptability of the "Calculated Fields Form" plugin allows to use it for replacing even basic WordPress features, like a search box for filtering the website's posts, pages or custom post types (as the WooCommerce products)

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Cases of use for a delivery project, transportation or any other project based on distance calculation

How to determine the price of a service that is based on the distance between addresses.

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Generating new SalesForce leads

Generating new SalesForce leads, with the users information collected by the website's forms.

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Generating PDF files at runtime with PrintFriendly

Generating runtime PDF files with the information collected by the form, using the PrintFriendly API, and send the files to users via email.

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Creating new posts

The "Calculated Fields Form" is a very versatile plugin. It allows to use the information collected by the form in multiple process. In this occasion I'll to describe how to use this information to create new posts on the website.

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Is it possible to collect the user information without submitting the form? Not by default....but yes, you can.

This post responds to the questions:

  • How to send the information collected by the form to the server without submitting it?
  • How to send this information by email?
  • How to manage this information in a safely?
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Controlling the access to the forms

There are many situations where it is needed to keep some forms private, accessible only for some users or users' roles, and not public for everyone. Or situations where you want the users can access to their submitted information, or modify it. The "Users Permissions" add-on, distributed with the Developer and Platinum versions of the plugin, has the answer.

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Chart Generation

Generating charts in the form dynamically (Line chart, Bar chart, Pie chart, Donut chart, and the rest of charts supported by ChartJS) with the fields' values.

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Third-Party Connection Module

The Third-Party Connection Module allows to use from the form external APIs whose responses are usually asynchronous.

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Advanced Equations Editor

Equations editor with line numbers to identify easier the code that is being edited, with color highlighting for the reserved words, code completion, auto-closing for parentheses, curly and the square brackets, and with errors detection.

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