Calculated Fields Form Blog

Tips and cases of use for a successful WordPress website with calculated forms.

Complementary Blocks

The CP Block plugin includes many blocks of code: html, css and js to as complement of plugins like the Calculated Fields Form, the Contact Form 7, and for using directly in pages and posts.

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Forms Revisions

The revisions are automatic backups of the forms, every time a form is modified, allowing to do a rollback to a previous version.

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Sending notification emails with the Calculated Fields Form plugin

The Calculated Fields Form plugin allows to send notification emails after the forms' submissions, with copy to the user that submits the form.

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The Calculated Fields Form plugin is GDPR compliant

The “Calculated Fields Form” plugin includes a new control: Acceptance (GDPR) to ensure the users give their consent in store the information collected by the form.

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