Features: WooCommerce Integration

Calculate the prices of WooCommerce products through forms created with the Calculated Fields Form.

The WooCommerce Add-on, allows forms created with the "Calculated Fields Form" plugin to be integrated with WooCommerce products, and the prices of products to be calculated through the form, using all the features and the strengths of WooCommerce, including: stock management, shopping cart, all payment methods accepted by WooCommerce, and the payment methods and currencies implemented by other WooCommerce plugins.

Using the WooCommerce add-on, the project benefits from an ecosystem of more than one thousands plugins developed for WooCommerce.


Activate the WooCommerce Add On

Activate the WooCommerce Add On

Activate the WooCommerce Add-on

The WooCommerce add-on is activated from the the plugin settings page. Go to the menu option: "Settings/Calculated Fields Form", tick the checkbox: "CFF-WooCommerce" and press the "Update" button.



To integrate a CFF Form with a WooCommerce Product

Go to the product's page and enter the form's id for use with the product. To calculate the product price dynamically, tick the checkbox: "Calculate the product price through the form". Enter the minimum price allowed by the product and the structure of the text to be displayed in the shopping cart.

Product's Price

Product's Prices

Select the Field to Get the Product Price

To calculate the price of products through the form, the calculated field should be selected, used to calculate the price, from the list: "Request Cost", in the form's settings, specifically in the "PayPal Payment Configuration" section, even if you intend to use WooCommerce payment methods.

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

WooCommerce Shopping Cart

The WooCommerce add-on, allows the the WooCommerce shopping cart to be used in the project to add multiple products and to purchase with in only one payment action. Products in the shopping cart include the summary of data collected through the form, whose format can be defined in product settings.

WooCommerce Orders

The WooCommerce add-on, includes a summary of data collected through the form in WooCommerce orders, with links to uploaded files if appropriate.

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